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Red Velvet Pecan Cake

Red Velvet Pecan Cake


This cake is one many request me to make. I recently was asked to make this cake

with the addition of pecans. The woman whom asked for this addition was craving a

cake just like she remembers her grandmother making for her when she was little.

 It is made with a red velvet cake and a sweet cream cheese frosting, topped with

pecans. Yum! The combinations of flavors makes this cake burst in your mouth with

flavorful delight. The textures add to it’s charm, making your mouth water at first

sight. Needless to say, she was very pleased with this cake and was surprised at how

identical my recipe tasted to that of her grandmothers. If you are a lover of red velvet

cake, you will definitely love this cake! Try it with pecans, or walnuts you might be

surprised as to just how much better it makes the cake taste.


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