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Elegant College Graduation Cake

This graduation cake for a Master’s Degree Graduation at the U of A was one of my favorites. This cake came out so elegant, and was a hit with the graduate.

With true U of A colors, each tier tied into the U of A theme. I spent a lot more time than I probably should have, making sure that the colors of red and blue were that of true school spirit.

This cake was a 3-tiered cake, with 3-layers of cake on each tier. The first tier (top) was white cake, with vanilla buttercream filling. The second tier(middle) was chocolate cake, with chocolate buttercream filling, and the third (bottom) tier was white cake, with vanilla buttercream filling.

For the cake’s design, I used a pure white colored fondant to cover each layer. Once I had completed each layers covering, I stacked the cake.

Next came the borders. The top tier’s boarder was red lined, the middle blue, and the base red. For the top I added a simple graduation cap. And, Whallah! The masterpiece was completed.


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